[ 2019 ] Top Breeds of Dogs For Seniors

Top Breeds of Dogs For Seniors

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend and having a friendly canine can bring so much joy into your home. People of all ages can benefit from owning their own pet dog including senior members of the family. Dogs can be a loving and loyal companion for senior people especially those who live by themselves. Caring for a dog is also a great way to provide a sense of purpose to older people. While dogs are great pets for older people, it is important to take note that only certain breeds are perfect for senior fur parents. So here is a list of the best dog breeds for seniors.



Who doesn’t know Snoopy? Beagles are very famous dog breeds and they are well-loved for their personality and utility. They have the strongest sense of smell among other types of dogs thus making them excellent for hunting and tracking. In fact, they were bred for such purpose. Although they are bred for hunting, they are very gentle and friendly. They are great for seniors because they are very affectionate, and they do not require excessive physical activities thus making them perfect for seniors who are no longer that physically active.


Greyhounds were bred for their speed and they are often used for racing as they can run 40 miles per hour. While they are fast dogs, they make excellent pets, surprisingly, as they are very gentle and loving thus making them perfect not only for families with younger kids but also senior people. If not running around, they love to laze around the house and are known to be cuddly couch potatoes. They also have a calm comportment and they are never known to bite their human owners out of aggression.


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