The Emotional Effects of Adult Acne

Adult acne is different from the acne you suffered as a teen. In fact, some people have clear skin through their teen years and only develop acne as adults. The causes of adolescent acne and adult acne are slightly different. In adolescents, the sebaceous follicle responds to the rapid hormonal changes teenagers undergo by producing excess sebum.

Adult acne, while also hormonal, is triggered by different hormones, such as testosterone and stress hormones like steroids and cortisol. Adult acne is inflammatory. Acne is mostly on the face, particularly clustering around the mouth, chin, and jaw line. The pimples are large, deep, and red, rather than the fine bumps and blackheads many teenagers have.

As adults, we are more likely to have sensitive skin or combination skin. And in women, acne worsens with hormone fluctuations. You may notice acne flares around your period, pregnancy, and the onset of menopause. Conversely, some women experience clearer skin during pregnancy.

The causes of your adult acne are different from when you were a teen. And you can’t use the same treatments you used as a teen and expect them to work the same way. They won’t. Unfortunately, topical treatments tend not to work very well for adults. The root causes are deeper, and it takes a different approach to find the right solution that works for your adult skin.

Acne As anyone who’s suffered from acne for years knows by heart, acne is not just an annoyance or irritation. It can be debilitating to your happiness and self-esteem. It shouldn’t be, but it is. People who’ve never experienced acne don’t quite understand how painful it is to struggle with acne as an adult. The depression, the anxiety, and the stress can be overwhelming. A 2014 study found acne impacted sufferers as severely as those struggling with a chronic, debilitating disease.

The Answer

Too many articles in magazines simply tout the expensive products of companies that advertise with them. And they just don’t work. While there isn’t a 100% cure for acne, there is good news. Adult acne can be effectively managed through treatment and lifestyle changes.

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