The Three Steps of the FFwd Mindset That may change your life forever

The FFwd Mindset is built on the simple concept that we all want to fast-forward (FFwd) the impact we have on our business and the world around us. But those FFs have a bigger meaning:

FEARLESS and FOCUS, the keys to taking control of your entrepreneurial impact. Ninety percent of the time, we are confident and feel we can take on the world.

But this is not about that 90 percent. Instead, it focuses on the 10 percent of the time when our fear and lack of focus prevent us from reaching our full potential in entrepreneurship and life. This leaves us stuck in our comfort zone, unable to push ahead to have the impact we have always dreamed about.

You can become fearless and focused by advancing through the three steps embodied in the FFwd Mindset. Step 1 is building your confidence so you can take action and get out of your comfort zone time and time again. In Step 2, you’ll learn a surefire strategy for how to NIP Fear in the Bud when things get uncomfortable. In Step 3, you’ll Find Your Focus, as I learned how to when I completed my first few marathons and later applied to Lawline in 2016 after we hired Mark.

To be Continued …

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