Before And After Photos That Show How Amazing Iconic Landmarks Have Changed and Endured Over Time

It’s hard to believe some of these monuments and buildings that have been around for centuries are relics of the past.

There is no shortage of outstanding major landmarks in the world, many of which have been around for centuries. Bridges, monuments, buildings, and city landscapes across the globe have withstood the test of time. Even though some of them weren’t built to last, they’re so recognizable today that it’s hard to believe they’re relics of the past.

This Italian Bridge Was A Vital Artery Into France

Davide Papalini/Wikimedia Commons
Davide Papalini/Wikimedia Commons

Construction on the Ponte Morandi (Morandi Bridge) began in 1963 and opened four years later in Genoa, Italy. Ever since then, the bridge – which is a part of the A10 motorway – has served as a major link to France and the European route E80. It linked two major parts of Genoa that are separated by the Polcevera river.

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