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Major key for Attractive Gentleman’s Scent

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Easy On The Cologne ​You don’t need to over indulge on cologne. Doing so creates a mist that can be overwhelming to everyone you interact with. Instead aim for a single spray on your neck with a little on your wrist or chest at most. This is the perfect amount that will open up as your day progresses. Always assure you match your fragrance to what you are doing as well, this is a major key. Here are some general ideas:

  • Dates: Wear a spicy, sensual scent that will get your partners attention.
  • Formal occasions/Work: Light floral fragrances work fantastic as they are not overbearing.
  • Nights out: Citrus and zesty scents bring life to your appearance and attire you wear when hitting the town.

​Most men unfortunately do not use any cologne and it’s truly a tragedy as the benefits include:

  • Women finding you more attractive. They naturally are attracted to scents and it’s one of the first things they look for on a gentleman.
  • It adds to your overall character. A subtle fragrance can be seen as the cherry on top of your outfit.
  • They make you seem more confident, powerful, or sensual depending which scent you choose.

​So what exactly is a fragrance after all? It’s a mixture of a few different raw materials and synthetic ones together. These perfumed oils are dissolved in what is usually alcohol to keep the scent alive. The more alcohol and oils that are used dictate how strong the overall fragrance will be. These are the types of perfume you will find:

  • Cologne(Eau de Cologne): The oldest and most popular term for perfume. On average it’s used for men’s scents but it can be for women as well. These have 2-4% oils and lasts for approximately 2 hours.
  • Eau Fraiche: With 1-3% oils this is only going to last you for an hour and has a very light scent.
  • Toilette(Eau de Toliette): Characterized by 5-15% oils with a light spray and lasts for up to 3 hours.
  • Perfume(Eau de Perfum): These last upwards to 8 hours as they have a 15-20% oil profile. In modern times it is used to describe both male and female fragrances.
  • Parfum: This is the most concentrated type of fragrances you will find on the market with a 20-30% oil amount. They will last upwards to 24 hours and have a very strong scent. ​

Every perfume is going to be composed of top, middle, and base notes. These all come out at a different time and have unique characteristics.

  • Top notes: The initial smell that first hits the nose and lasts from 15 minutes up to 2 hours. Typical top notes include floral, citrus, fruit, and aquatic scents.
  • Middle notes: This is where the main characteristics of the fragrance will be showcased. As the top notes fade these will appear and last from 3 to 5 hours.
  • Base notes: Last to develop and can linger from a few to 10 hours. These lay the overall foundation of the fragrance and typically include sandalwood, vanilla, leather, tobacco, and musk scents.

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